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Drive Ayano Aishi’s jealousy to revenge!

If you love anime and stories of jealousy, passion and revenge, then Yandere Simulator is definitely a game you will have a great time with, because it combines all these elements and more, so you can have fun like you’ve never seen before. The plot, developed at a Japanese educational center, is like many anime, for example, where you spend many hours of your adolescence.

Download Yandere simulator apk

In this game you will find all the characteristic elements of a romantic Ecchi-type anime, combined with a dark touch created by the protagonist’s temptation to prevent his girlfriend from seeing other girls. Jealousy can be a very bad companion for those who suffer from it, but it is more for those who are innocent victims of the wrath of those who suffer from this jealousy! This is a plot you can find in Yandere Simulator, a game where romances and cross-passions result in a short shutdown in high school, where the best thing is that no one gets close to Ayano Aishi’s lover …

What is Yandere Simulator? – Download Yandere Simulator APK for free

It is a simulation game that combines elements of romance games with elements of combat games. The protagonist of this game is a girl named Ayano Aishi, although there are those who know her as Yandere. This girl has a very famous boyfriend at school, and she has a hard time reconciling her jealousy when she sees that this boy is very popular among her classmates.

Yandere simulator apk original

Instead of talking to her to set acceptable limits for both of them, Ayano Aishi prefers to take things in stride and simply finish any girl who approaches her partner. If you delete your girlfriends early, she won’t be able to meet them! This is a very strong logic that will lead Ayano to a destructive spiral that will try to eliminate all the girls who talk to her lover or even dare to look at her more than she needs to.

Hide your attacks or you will be expelled! – Original Yandere Simulator APK

Logically, Ayano will not be able to stay in this school for long. The disappearance of various students will begin to attract the attention of the authorities, so in addition to finishing your opponents, you will have to take measures to ensure that no one discovers you. It is not enough to know how to fight in this game, but also to watch the back!

Download Yandere simulator apk for free

This is a game where you can’t really end up positive, because in the end you will inevitably be expelled from school. The goal is to collect as many killing lanes as possible beforehand. Each eliminated opponent will make it harder for you to finish the turn. So you have to be very careful before choosing your next victim!

Features – Download Yandere Simulator APK

  • A game of jealousy and revenge. In this game, you will encounter the jealousy of a girl who can’t control her anger when other girls approach her high school boyfriend. Will you be able to help him in this work?
  • anime theme. Both the graphics and the theme of the game revolve around the world of anime, and you will no doubt discover many of the characteristic elements of the Japanese anime series you saw as a teenager.
Yandere simulator apk android
  • 3D graphics. Unlike other 2D anime games, Yandere Simulator will make it very easy to immerse yourself in its adventure thanks to a complete set of 3D graphics. You will feel like you are playing on a console!
  • The second part is on the way. This game is so unique that despite its recent release, it already has a lot of fans, so its developers are already working on the second part to continue the adventure of Ayano Aishi.

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Now you can enjoy the game of complete jealousy and revenge with Yandere Simulator, you will have to watch your lover every hour in this fun game!

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