Download World of Tanks Blitz APK for Android

World of Tanks Blitz – managed to win a million fans and real, passionate fans of the game. Their number is growing every day, so fans of the latest cars need to hurry to become tanks. The atmosphere is completely immersed in the spirit of the war, and the feeling of anxiety will surely overwhelm you. Choose the tank you want and move towards the front, destroying enemies and defending the side of the team you work with in harmony.

Victory in the tank movement is possible only with a competent balance of forces and a joint, team idea that will lead to leadership on the world stage. Do not hesitate and doubt, not for comfortable monitors sitting in chairs, but download and test for yourself all the military equipment, artillery and heavy equipment that our ancestors won in a real battle.

Improved graphics and addictive gameplay do their job, ruthlessly amaze users, impressing the virtuoso combination of proven harmony of physics and dynamic animation. With one touch, you will control your hero, and daily tasks will bring nice bonus points that allow you to make upgrades. The chat clan diversifies the game and introduces the game brothers.