Download Window Man Game APK for Android

Man game from the window – this is a creepy horror quest where you have to help Mother Rabbit hide from the creature from the book she enters with her son. Use the instructions in the puzzles, try different shelter options and don’t let it get too close to you!

According to the plot of the game, Mother Rabbit returns home from work to her son Little Rabbit, who was about to go to bed when a frightened rabbit ran to him and tried to convince him that a mysterious man was out of the house. The night described in the book will be a window for them. Mother Rabbit sees this book for the first time and undertakes to read it, and suddenly the events there begin to turn into a terrible reality.

In the book about the man at the window, you will find hints in the form of riddles that you have to solve to take into account all the little things before a mysterious creature appears. The person outside the window is looking for a friend and has five minutes to find him, your task is to keep him as long as possible and take him out of the house after five minutes. Use different baits, close the door and hide in a safe place.

Game Features:

  • Search for interesting horrors;
  • Creeping characters;
  • Logic tasks;
  • Tense atmosphere;
  • An unusual plot.