Download Universal Truck Simulator APK Mod 1.1 (Unlimited Money, Unlimited Gems).

Do you miss the road?

People who love to go on the road are usually looking for any excuse to do so. It’s all about getting your hands on the wheel, pressing the accelerator, and racking up miles and miles to see the world. That sounds really cool! Isn’t that right? PC gamers have real gems in games like Euro Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2 where they can experience the adventure of trucking in Europe.

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These are very perfect simulators where any friction in the truck or any road fault can cause us trouble! But we didn’t have anything similar to play the same way on Android … Or, at least, not until now.

What is Universal Truck Simulator beta?

This is an amazing game for Android where we can experience the feeling of driving a truck on the roads of USA, Mexico and Canada. It is a truly complete game for smartphones that has little to envy to the best truck games for PC.

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With this game, you can choose between different trucks, manually drive them with different controls, enjoy the different climates you will find along the way, see a lot of scenery based on the real world and in short, enjoy the experience of driving a truck from one point to another.

Lots of features you’ll love!

To begin with, with this game you will be able to enjoy a variety of trucks to choose from, most of which are North American. The scenarios you’ll see on the tour are based on the real world, so you’ll enjoy environments that will make you feel like you’re traveling across North America to transport your cargo.

Universal truck simulator for Android

The trucks are also driven very realistically using gear shifting, clutch and manual transmission and even the engine sounds are realistic to make the experience even more engaging.

Features of Universal Truck Simulator

  • Up to 29 different types of trucks. There are up to 29 different trucks that you can use in this game, and its developers are constantly adding new trucks, so you will always be able to discover new trucks! All of them are designed with complete realism so that you can fully enjoy the truck driving experience.
  • Routes in North America. You will be able to travel on different routes in Canada, USA or Mexico, and all of them are designed with great accuracy, taking real landscapes as reference and reflecting their appearance, architecture, geography and climate. The feeling of actually visiting those places will be very authentic.
Universal truck simulator apk mod
  • Different real weather. The weather is one of the best experiences in this game because it will not only be very clear visually but also affect the way you drive your truck. If it rains, your braking time will be longer, your visibility will be reduced, and you will have difficulty crossing roads in the snow.
  • Car damage. If you hit something, your trucks can suffer external damage or internal damage that you need to repair in order to continue your route. It is important that you manage them carefully because otherwise you will be stuck in the middle of the road and will not be able to continue your mission.
  • Improved controls. Now you’ll be able to use a much more advanced control system than previous versions of the game, so you’ll be able to tilt your phone to take curves, but also use the buttons or the virtual steering wheel. Control is one of the most perfect and most important aspects of the game.

Universal Truck Simulator APK Mod Free Download for Android

Click on the link to install Universal Truck Simulator Mod for your smartphone and start enjoying driving the best trucks in USA!