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If you want to use several different Facebook accounts on Windows, all you need to do is install multiple browsers, such as Firefox or Google Chrome, and use one account in each. This way, you can open different accounts on almost any online platform at the same time to easily work with them. This same technique works for accounts on TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many other digital platforms, and we often have to work if we are in marketing or somewhere else where social media plays a relevant role.

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With an open source operating system like Android, you would hope to be able to do the same with your smartphone. But the truth is that smartphones make it very difficult for you to open different accounts for these applications. Of course, you can also install different browsers to open these accounts, but the truth is that Android web browsers do not work very well, the only real way to easily use Facebook or Instagram are applications. The problem is that applications on these platforms do not allow you to open more than one account at a time.

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Some solutions to this problem involve using virtual machines called VMOS on Android. Apps like the Andronix App APK can help solve this problem, but they are really complicated to use and also require you to install a completely new operating system on your phone to use one or two apps in parallel, which is very resource intensive. from your smartphone.

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A better solution is to use a simpler program like App Cloner. With this app, you can create clones of any app you want to use in parallel on Android, such as your social networking apps like TikTok or Instagram. This is ideal if you want to work with your personal and professional accounts at the same time, or if your business requires you to manage multiple accounts for your customers.

Use your second WhatsApp, Facebook or TikTok account with this app!

With this app, you can open a second WhatsApp, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and many other online platforms, which usually allow you to open only one account so that you can manage them from your smartphone. Thus, you will avoid these limitations of these applications and will be able to use them with greater freedom.

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However, you can also copy any other application, such as online video games, where you may want to use different strategies to advance or win with different characters. With this app, you will increase the capabilities of your smartphone thanks to its extraordinary ability to duplicate apps!

Features – App Cloner APK Premium 2022

  • The best program to clone other programs. There are other programs on the market that you can use to clone an operating system or any other program, but the truth is that they are more complicated to use.
  • Perfect for using second accounts. This app is ideal if you want to use it to open a second Instagram account or any other online platform where you need to use the same tablet or smartphone.
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  • 100% segura. Unlike other programs that are more complicated for the user and can damage your operating system, this program is completely safe and will allow you to easily replicate any program you need.
  • Does not require root. You do not need to configure your smartphone to install and use this application. All you have to do is install it and it will start working like some kind of virtual machine where you can clone your programs as much as you want.

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Now you can use your second Facebook account on your smartphone thanks to App Cloner, the perfect app to duplicate other apps and use them independently!