Download TerraGenesis: Landfall APK for Android

TerraGenesis: Don’t land – Take the next giant leap of humanity! Give life to another world and build the first human abode in space. Hire migrants, train and improve their skills, build facilities, manage resources and make sure your residents are happy and healthy.

Revive a new world

Create, protect and build a new society in space, paving the way for a new future for humanity. Start with a boot print in the mud and turn your new world into a thriving city of thousands of people. Design the city so that you can live and survive there, and then expand your culture and opportunities to go beyond everyone’s dreams on a barren planet!

Manage resources

As your city grows, you will have to balance the production of resources and the needs of a growing society. You will need to plan ahead and figure out how to provide your residents with what is common on Earth. Carefully monitor your city’s resources such as oxygen, water, and food to keep your residents healthy and your city thriving.

Make your immigrants happy

Manage your production and construction ambitions for the happiness of the occupants. Different objects have different effects on the happiness of the occupants, so you need to make sure that your futuristic utopia does not turn into a dystopian nightmare. Provide immigrants with access to culture and build libraries, theaters and more, as well as attract tourists with casinos, sports stadiums and many others.

Random events

Space is unpredictable and nothing can be safe for long! From malfunctions to fires, from celebrity visits to scientific discoveries, you need to be prepared to adjust your strategy so that everything goes smoothly in your settlement.