Download Super Cloner 3D APK for Android

Super Cloner 3D – This is a random arcade game by Lion Studios where you will become your opponents and environmental objects, use superpowers and fight enemies along the way. Start daring missions and destroy enemies one by one until you reach the epic boss!

Each stage of the game is presented in the form of a certain place, which must be cleared without catching the eyes of enemies. You will control a small agile creature that can imitate and transform people and nearby objects to distract attention. Hide, hide and reach the finish line.

Track the number of enemies left on the screen, do not fall into their field of view and attack as unobstructed as possible. Before each level you can choose for yourself a few cards with super powers, then they can be used for each attack. Freeze enemies, increase impact, or use weapons. Fight bosses, personalize your secret warrior and conquer new levels.

Game features:

  • Many levels to complete;
  • Several types of superpowers;
  • Different skins for individualization;
  • Joystick control;
  • Interesting game.