Download SkyRail APK for Android

SkyRail – CIS train simulator – this is a simple train simulator of the CIS countries, where you can travel in neighboring countries on various well-known train models and explore the world. Walk around the cars, go to different stations and create your own trains in a special editor!

To start traveling to the CIS countries, you need to choose one of the offered electric trains, among which you can find a passenger electric locomotive CHS7, freight electric locomotive VL80, hybrid high-speed passenger electric locomotive EP20 “Olympus”. “and so on. You can travel in different directions, explore trains from the inside, or watch the changing landscape outside the window of a moving train.

The train carriages in the game, as well as the stations of various real places, are very detailed. Move freely around cars or train stations, change the speed and volume of the train. Another interesting feature is the train editor, which will allow you to create your own special trains without any restrictions.

Game features:

  • Several types of trains;
  • Advanced cars;
  • Ability to control speed;
  • Qatar Creation Editor;
  • Real sounds, train models and locations.