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Discover one of the best earthquake apps for Android!

With the recent earthquake in Mexico, the downloads of one of the best earthquake detection apps in 2022 has increased again. It is an app that allows you to be part of an earthquake early detection network using your smartphone. Wherever you are, the community in the event of an earthquake. Thanks to this program, you will be able to save many lives or at least contribute to a detection system that will allow millions of people to be warned if an earthquake is headed towards their city.

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This program has already been successful in other earthquakes in the past and has been improved in recent years and the number of users using it has increased significantly. That’s why its detection rate is much higher than other programs, and the more people use it, the better its effectiveness. That’s why you should install it as soon as possible to help detect future earthquakes!

What is SASSLA? – SASSLA Premium APK Free Download for Android

This is an app designed to use your smartphone’s gyroscope as an earthquake detection system. By giving access to your gyroscope, it will be able to detect earthquake vibrations as you and your smartphone move with it. It has an algorithm that helps distinguish phone vibrations from when you ran or dropped on the sofa, and is therefore one of the best apps for detecting earthquakes with a mobile phone.

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But the main way this app detects earthquakes is through the collective use of its services. This app uses data from millions of cell phones around the world, so if millions of cell phones suddenly vibrate in a similar fashion, the app is able to detect the intensity, speed, and direction of an earthquake.

See earthquakes in real time on the map! – SASSLA APK Spanish

This data is then displayed on a Google-powered map where all the earthquakes are located, so you can get the best information at your fingertips. Therefore, with this application, you will be able to see where the latest earthquakes occurred near your city, check their magnitude and direction of the seismic wave and make sure to seek shelter in advance.

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In addition, SASSLA communicates with major seismic institutes around the world both to receive data from its own seismographs and to improve earthquake analysis and speed up response systems. By simply installing the SASSLA app on your smartphone, you will be helping to detect earthquakes and save lives around you!

Features – SASSLA APK latest version

  • earthquake detection software. This app will help you get alerts when an earthquake occurs near your area and use your smartphone as a seismic wave detection system.
  • Use your gyroscope as a detection system. SASSLA taps into your phone’s gyroscope to have a seismic wave detection system in every user’s pocket, making it even more effective.
  • Get real-time alerts. When an earthquake occurs, SASSLA sends alerts to all affected areas and alerts users so that you can respond as soon as possible.
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  • See earthquakes on the map. You will be able to see the evolution of earthquakes on a map using Google technology, where the seismic wave is updated in real time as it reaches new locations.

SASSLA APK Mod Free Download Latest Version for Android

Discover one of the best earthquake detection apps with the new SASSLA, the definitive app to use your smartphone as an early earthquake detection tool anywhere in the world!

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