Download Ragdoll Ninja APK for Android

Ragdoll Ninja: Fake Hero – This is an interesting arcade action game with Ragdoll physics. Take control of a ninja killer who goes to fight with a crowd of stickmen. However, this is not easy for him, because his actions are very unexpected and chaotic. However, like the actions of enemies. Will you be able to help the awkward ninja?

At each level, you must clear the area of ​​enemy stickmen scattered on the playing field. To do this, you can use a sword that the ninja will attack enemies. Manage your killer and move from one point to another, trying not only to neutralize enemies, but also not to fall into disarray yourself, because thanks to Ragdoll’s physics, every move is difficult.

Due to the unpredictability of your hero’s actions, the battles here are very original and colorful, which can be very entertaining. With each level, the problems will become more difficult, there will be more enemies and even hostage rescue missions. The controls are intuitive and are implemented using a joystick.

Game features:

  • Unexpected Ragdoll Physics;
  • Joystick control;
  • Dozens of interesting levels;
  • Minimalist design;
  • Epic battles with Slowmo effect.