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Get ready to create dizzying curves with the new Project Drift!

If you have liked racing games like No Limit Drag Racing APK or CarX Street APK, then you will definitely love this game where you can race in all kinds of spectacular races and test your ability to slide on dizzying turns. Project Drift is a racing game developed by Bycodec Games where you can race on different laps and discover how extraordinary a driver you can be. Get ready for the best races with this game!

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Although many of the features of Project Drift have a number of improvements in Project Drift 2.0 APK, the truth is that the first part of the game already contains many features that will make you spend hours enjoying everything it has to offer. That’s why Project Drift is the perfect gateway to the racing world where drifts and thrills are the key! Are you ready to start your Project Drift adventure and become the best pilot?

What is Project Drift? – Download Project Drift APK unlimited money

In this racing game, you will have to race against your own lap or against other drivers on various minimalist style circuits. This means that the environment won’t be overly textured, which makes it easier on the eyes when you’re playing. This way you will be able to enjoy all kinds of circuits specially designed to test your abilities!

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But don’t think that just because it has minimalist graphics, this game leaves something to be desired. The truth is that Project Drift has everything you need to have a great time with your favorite cars and it will allow you to play great races where everything can be decided in a thousandth of a second. Will you be able to be the best driver in the game and dominate all the circuits?

45 different circuits! – Project Drift APK Mod Android

If you want to win all the races, you’ll have plenty to do, because Project Drift has up to 45 different circuits. Yes, you read that right! 45 different circuits ready to go all out with your favorite vehicles. If you want to test your driving skills in all kinds of environments, Project Drift is the perfect game for you!

project drift apk

Also, don’t forget that there is a second part at your disposal with many new improvements, so more laps and new emotions await you in Project Drift 2.0. This second installment has even better graphics and new game modes! But none of this would be possible without all the features offered by the incredible original Project Drift for Android, which you can download below.

Features – Project Drift APK latest version

  • Racing and drifting game. Project Drift is one of the best racing games you can find for your smartphone, with many laps and challenges to master over hundreds of hours of gameplay.
  • 45 different circuits. In total you will have 45 laps to race. In some, speed is a priority, while in others, you’ll have to master the curves better. Will you be able to dominate them all?
Download project drift apk for android
  • All types of cars. You have many cars to try to dominate all the circuits and prove that you are the best driver. Can you claim victory under any circumstances?
  • 4 difficulty levels. Project Drift has 4 different difficulty levels that will allow you to improve as you progress through the game. To unlock each level, you must beat the previous one. The last one is really hard!

Download Project Drift APK latest version for Android for free

Have fun with the new Project Drift and test your driving skills with this incredible speed game full of circuits you’ll love!

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