Download Obama 2022 APK for Android

Obama 2022 – An entertaining application for mobile devices on the Android platform, where the protagonist is a comic-depicted character resembling the American president.

Initially, the program offers to download another utility called Bosses. It, in turn, includes a series of mini-games with characters resembling famous heads of state. It’s all fun and humorous. The protagonist of one of the sections looks like President Obama. He can, among other things, repeat the sounds recorded as a Talking Tom game character. To do this, the program needs access to microphone and media files.

In addition, the character can dance funny, sit in a chair and drink coffee, participate in 2 plots and play 4 games with the user, including puppies. Games and stories open after watching the promotional video and are blocked before that.

You have to pay a small fee to open all the content at once or share the program with two friends. They need to download and open the utility, only then all its contents will be opened. This applies not only to the section dedicated to Obama, but also to games with other bosses. There is no menu in the application and the settings icon only allows you to clear the cache.