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If you have Instagram and upload photos that interest your followers, you will no doubt want to know more about what they think of you. However, social networks such as Instagram or Facebook note what everyone is saying, so in many cases they do not intend to respond honestly to what you ask them. Sometimes they won’t love you for fear of what you think of them! Therefore, we need to give preference to third-party programs that allow our viewers to ask questions and get answers that clarify our doubts. And you have NGL Anonymous Q&A for that!

ngl anonymous q & a apk ispañol

This program works in a similar way to the popular and is definitely one of the most interesting programs to find out what your followers think of you. It works as a kind of mediation platform between Instagram and your fans, allowing Instagramers to explore different ways to communicate 100% anonymously with their fans. This is a great way to find out what your audience thinks of you!

What is NGL Anonymous Q&A? – Download NGL Anonymous Q&A APK for Android for free

It is a question-and-answer platform designed to facilitate anonymous communication via Instagram. This will allow you to send questions to your fans so that they can answer them anonymously through the NGL Anonymous platform, and then their answers will appear protected in the Instagram publication of your choice. In this way, you will be able to ask, for example, what they think about your body structure, if you have ever had a secret love of some of your followers, or if they have ever had inappropriate thoughts with you?

ngl anonymous q & a apk

These are questions that will never be answered 100% openly if you just ask on Instagram, but it is clear that anonymity is an important factor in facilitating more accurate answers. That’s why NGL Anonymous allows you to find out what your followers think of you!

Fully protected questions and answers

This program allows you to 100% maintain the communication you have established with your audience when it comes to anything you are interested in asking spicy questions or knowing. However, it can be used in many other ways that are equally entertaining and make the most of anonymity.

Download ngl anonymous q & a apk

One of the most interesting ways you can use this program is the exact opposite: to allow your audience to ask you any kind of question completely anonymously. This will increase your adrenaline, because you can wait for any question and find that the servants of God have very strange and unobstructed opinions about you. But the excitement is here!

Features – NGL Anonymous Q&A APK Premium Latest Version

  • Anonymous Quiz Program for Instagram. With this program, you can create all kinds of 100% anonymous profiles so that your Instagram followers can respond to them without disclosing their identities.
  • 100% anonymous and secure. The application guarantees the anonymity of your followers, but at the same time will monitor their accounts to ensure that abusive behavior does not occur.
ngl anonymous q & a apk premium
  • Get answers from your followers. You can ask your Instagram fans everything you want to know about them, and they can give you a personal answer through this app.
  • Let them ask you what they want. At the same time, you can ask your fans the questions that interest them the most, and then find out what they want to know most about you.

Download NGL Anonymous Q&A APK Latest Version for Android for Free

Now you can stay in touch with your followers thanks to NGL Anonymous Q&A, a new anonymous question and answer program for Instagram!

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