Download Neko Samurai APK for Android

Some Samurai – This is an arcade action game with dynamic gameplay and stylish visual design. You have to play like a legendary samurai cat and fight with armies of ninja frogs. Arm yourself with an incredibly sharp katana, overcome endless waves of enemies and win a great battle!

The famous samurai cat Nyanjuro and his assistant Nyanske are attacked by a clan of ninja frogs who are determined to destroy them. However, Nyanjuro has the ability to sense the presence of enemies before they attack, which means that a difficult battle is coming. Take control of a samurai cat and fight ninja frogs in time to repel their attacks, avoid shurikens, look both ways and not miss an enemy.

If you hit the middle part of the knife, you will get a critical injury, and for that you will get Spirits. You can increase the number of souls by gathering enough Spirit without being harmed by enemies. Your main task is to touch the screen in time to repel attacks from both sides, the more ninja frogs destroyed, the higher your score.

Game features:

  • Original and colorful characters;
  • Different types of katana;
  • Continuous combat battles;
  • Infinite game on record;
  • Ability to personalize the background.