Download MY LITTLE PONY 7.3.0h APK for Android

MY LITTLE PONIM – This is an adventure quiz game, which has become a good continuation of the story of the little ponies, you can recognize them as characters from the cartoon of the same name. So now they are transferred to the mobile application, and therefore fans of this magical world will be amazed at the opportunity to personalize and participate in adventures of the legendary Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Applejack and others. During the game installation process, users are immersed in the short story of the first cartoon episode, and during the game they will have to cope with the task of restoring the settlement and caring for the horses. You will buy various windmills, plants and hire several workers.

In addition, when you get tired of the construction process, you will have several mini-games directly in this program to entertain the main character of the game, Twilight Sparkle. Some of them are racing simulators, where you have to catch as many apples as possible, and in addition to volleyball, there are problems with memorizing different constellations and placing random objects.

Developers MY LITTLE PONIM also provide users with exciting journeys after completing each level – their characters can take wings and discover the game city with a bird’s eye view and collect unique bonuses while flying. They will be useful for completing the area expansion task, as you will need to provide Twilight Sparkle and his friends with homes to live in. You can also buy diamonds for real money or use virtual hearts to successfully cope with this task. can be accessed from your friends via social media connection.

So that MY LITTLE PONIM With its eye-catching design and fascinating plot features, the free adventure will delight fans of interactive games, where players can train their attention, agility, creativity and quick reactions in a scenic farming environment that creates a beautiful relaxing effect.