Download Musixmatch Premium APK Mod 7.8.7 (No Ads)

Do you like the lyrics of your favorite songs?

Lyrics are one of our favorite parts of music, but we don’t always have access to them. Although Spotify or YouTube sometimes offer lyrics to songs, many others don’t show them, and we have to look them up online to understand what they mean.

Musixmatch Premium APK Mod

Also, the lyrics are often in languages ​​we do not fully understand. Wouldn’t it be great to have a program that has all the lyrics for all the songs and on all the platforms? What if this program doesn’t even offer lyrics to our favorite songs?

Musixmatch Premium APK 2021 is available for free

With Musixmatch full apk you will be able to get all the lyrics of the best songs of your favorite artists! It doesn’t matter who they are or what platform you use to listen to their music. Whether you prefer to use Spotify or listen to your music on YouTube, Google Play Music or SoundCloud, you can use this app to read the lyrics of your favorite songs to the rhythm of the music.

Musixmatch Premium APK Mod

Plus, you have the opportunity to read the Spanish translation of the words so you can always understand them!

Musixmatch Features

These are the main features of MusixMatch Premium

Musixmatch Premium APK Mod

Compatibility with all your music programs. You will be able to use this program with all your music from Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Google Play Music and more! This is because the Musixmatch App detects songs like apps like Shazam, so no matter where your music is played, this app will detect it and show you the lyrics.

Floating Lyrics Widget. When using any of your music programs, you will be able to rely on the Musixmatch floating widget to see the lyrics in real time according to the rhythm of the song. Enjoy your favorite words in any music program!

Translation of songs. Don’t worry if your favorite artists read in English, Japanese or another language! This program is responsible for offering you a translation of their words so that you can understand their meaning while listening to your favorite music.

Share your favorite words. If you have a song with lyrics that you find particularly impressive, you’ll be able to share it with great backgrounds thanks to the LyricsCard option. Send your favorite song lyrics to your friends with a few touches!

YouTube videos in landscape format. If you listen to your music on YouTube, you will be able to watch videos in landscape format so that the words are integrated into the lower part of the reading. So you will not miss any details of your favorite video clips!

Controls on the lock screen. You will also be able to use the lock screen of your smartphone from Musixmatch. Easily pause or slide songs without unlocking your phone, and enjoy playing your words in the foreground.

Notifications from favorite artists. Do you have an artist you especially like? This app will allow you to subscribe to their notifications and let you know every time someone uploads new lyrics to their songs. Don’t miss any of the details of what your artists do!

Live community. Many of the songs in this app are uploaded by the audience community, so you can upload your own lyrics or connect with other fans of your favorite artists. Make friends thanks to this great program!

Musixmatch Premium APK Mod

Premium Features:

Offline song lyrics. With the premium version, you can download the lyrics of your songs and read them offline, for example, if you are traveling or will be in a remote part of the city for a long time.

Without ads. The free version of this program contains enough ads to fund the platform, but with the Premium version you can use all its features without seeing an ad.

Download the Musixmatch Premium APK without ads

Musixmatch Premium APK Download. Download the modified version of this great song lyrics app now to be able to use its Premium version without ads for free!

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