Download Magical Atelier APK for Android

Magic Atelier – This is a random simulator from Smilegate Megaport, where you will find a huge fantasy world full of magic and sorcerers. Manage your workshop, go on long expeditions, collect rare materials, create costumes and furniture, communicate with other magicians and join the guilds!

You can register or log in as a guest to keep up the progress before the game starts. After watching a small cut scene that brings us up, you can start creating your character and finally go to the magical village of Serentis, where the community of magicians lives. After 7 years, your hero returns to his native studio, where his parents asked him to look, and finds a very abandoned place that needs to be restored.

Manage a magic workshop, develop it, expand the boundaries and equip it with various interior items. Go on expeditions to various mysterious places and find unique and unique items that can be used to create new products there. Visit the local shops and the central square where you can communicate with the heroes of other players. Create 1000 original costumes and furniture.

Game features:

  • Great map to explore the world;
  • Mini games and themed events;
  • Communicate with other players;
  • More than 1000 unique costume and furniture pieces;
  • It is possible to choose a server.