Download Kick the Buddy MOD APK v1.5.0 (Unlimited Money) for Android

Do you feel that there are many pressing issues in your life that make you feel pressured and always in a state of stress? Are you dealing with a person who makes you feel uncomfortable, but you can’t do anything about it? Despite your best efforts, do you encounter a troublesome boss, but still get caught and blamed? Do you want to find a place to release the anger that has accumulated during the day? What are you doing? Smash your things, drive at high speed, find them and scream out loud … or just pick up the phone and download Kick the Buddy to find fun and fun, get rid of all the sadness in just a few minutes? Come to the release of Playgendary and experience the fun Kick a friend!

Run Buddy MOD It’s a fairly simple game. At the start of the game, a funny wooden figure appears on your screen. All you have to do is find ways to injure and destroy the wooden doll. After successfully destroying the doll, you will receive some gold and some gold according to the level of damage you dealt. After completing each level you will be upgraded. Every time you level up, you get tons of cool new stuff to explore. For example, the shop will unlock new items and weapons so that you can enjoy many unique and exotic tortures.

So what weapons are useful to you in your shop? After leveling up, the shop will allow you to use new weapons that may be free, but you’ll likely lose a lot of money to buy them. You can use gold coins to buy new weapons, from guns to poison, acids, bombs, TNT boxes or even atomic bombs. There are also unique, funny weapons like tomatoes, mirror cubs or crossbows, chainsaws or just goldfish… You can even summon a legendary sword that only the would-be king can pull out of the rock. and made him beat the wood. Or summon an extinct dinosaur from the time of the ancients, just to fire and scratch …

So what is the money used for? That money is useful after cruel “torture”; You can comfort the little soul of the doll by buying her beautiful clothes. For example, playful prints like basketball players, robots, stars, superheroes or clowns… But no matter how cute and beautiful the clothes are. When you enter the game, you will continue to “torture” him to relieve stress and earn more money … buy new things for this. I wonder why we need to buy things after we destroy them. Or does the publisher want to wear a lot of cool clothes to overcome boredom and monotony when faced with a wooden doll forever with only one kind of clothes?


Although the game looks quite monotonous, this is the highlight of the publisher Chill Fleet when the graphics are incredibly eye-catching. Although it is a very violent game, the colors use bright colors, warm colors and a warm, happy feeling rather than the scary smell of a torture chamber. A wooden stick puppet is hilarious, so although everyone tries to put it first, no one can deny the beautiful structure that makes them more fun. The accessories and clothing items of the dolls in the store are also a creative publishing house with many unique designs and types. You can’t just imagine the torture, but the Kick Buddy store can’t be missing.

The result

Kick a friend is an interesting game for those who need a break in life. Trying to destroy the humanoid wooden figure, the game promises to give you an enjoyable and funny experience. With cartoon graphics and warm and bright colors, you won’t feel like this is a real “torture” room. However, with some of these violent elements, the game is not very suitable for young children, so parents should think before downloading the games when they are too young to know the difference between the game. Actually turned off. But for those who need a place to release pressure or frustration, Kick the Buddy is a great option. Get your hands on it and download Kick the Buddy!
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