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Mythical Heroes: Empty RPG – is a fantasy RPG with epic sequential battles. You have to find yourself in a world that is in danger of being completely destroyed because it is drowned by powerful and bloodthirsty monsters. To repel them, heroes and gods from all over the planet gathered in an army, and you must take them to battle!

You can train a little from the beginning of the game and fight the first opponents. The battles here take place in automatic mode, where you need to activate the hero’s ends only when they are ready. But even your fighters will be able to do it themselves by activating a special mode. Before each battle, you will have to train them by learning new skills, upgrading levels, upgrading their equipment, and placing them on the battlefield in the most cost-effective way.

The story line is well developed in the game, where you will meet different characters and help to liberate the world step by step. The game world is quite large, consisting of ten continents that can be gradually explored. In addition to the single player campaign, you have the opportunity to compete with the remaining players, where you will receive good prizes for your victory.

Game features:

  • Beautiful and detailed graphics;
  • Dozens of unique heroes;
  • Epic automatic battles in PvP and PvE modes;
  • Interesting game plot.