Download Hair Race 3D APK for Android

Hair race 3D – This is an arcade runner with a simple casual game where you have to compete for the longest and most stylish hair. Help your hero overcome all obstacles and grow a really remarkable haircut. Avoid traps, add inches to your hairstyle and win!

At the beginning of each level, your hero will have a short hairstyle, the main task is to lengthen it as much as possible. Start moving forward and collect different colored hairstyles along the way, this will add new centimeters to you and change the color of your hair according to the chosen theme. Dye your hair blue, pink, red and light, but most importantly, do not forget to make them longer.

During the transition, you will find not only buffs that lengthen your hair, but also various obstacles. For example, sharp knives can deprive you of carefully grown hair, so be vigilant and avoid traps and other obstacles in a timely manner. At the end of each level, you will be able to get prizes that depend on the length of your hero.

Game features:

  • A few skins for the hero;
  • different hair colors;
  • Infinite number of levels;
  • Operation with a simple touch;
  • Fun game.