Download Gachi Stars APK for Android

Gachi Stars – This is a popular rofl mode Brawl Stars The theme is an action game from a well-known subculture that has recently gained popularity. In this version of the game you will find the same dynamic mechanics as the great team battles. You will have to work with other players to complete other tasks to destroy all opponents and win!

The main differences of the game are the unique skins for the characters, slightly modified locations and interface design. Almost all the skins were created in the style of gachi models, so these knights changed the badges. In addition to the skins, minor changes were made to the graphics as a whole, where the contours of the characters were erased and the quality of the details was improved. It also changed the textures of places and environments everywhere.

Smaller changes include other fonts, the main menu background, the download panel, and recording during battle. All these innovations, especially for experienced players, help to take a fresh look at the game and refresh the senses. There are enough active users here and you will have no problem finding the game!

Game Features:

  • Rofl content for those on the subject;
  • Classic and dynamic game mechanics;
  • Many graphic changes;
  • Lots of unique skins;
  • Active and great online.