Download Gacha Animator APK Mod Beta version 1.6

Download Gacha Animator APK for Android 2021 for free

Download the animator APK – latest version – for Android. This is a wonderful new program from the world of Gacha to create and animate characters!

Do you know the world of Gacha?

The world of Gacha is a collection of video games revolving around the aesthetics of Gacha machines, a Japanese gift machine that can be found in shopping malls, subway stations and game lounges all over Japan. They are very popular machines that give you a gift in the form of a ball, and they include very charismatic and entertaining characters that you can often play.

each animator

The aesthetics of these cars are so attractive that many people dedicate themselves to collecting such figures and even the cars themselves. Therefore, a number of video games have emerged around the aesthetics of Gacha, which now has millions of users around the world. Would you like to join the world of Gacha?

What is Gacha Animator APK?

Gacha Animator is a game for Android where you can create and animate your favorite Gacha characters. This is the dream of any Gacha fan! For example, imagine that you have a large collection of runaway dolls in your home: they are beautiful, but they are inanimate and static.

each animator

In this program you will be able to create magnificent Gacha characters, choose the most suitable clothes for them, add accessories such as sunglasses, hats or bracelets and, most importantly, encourage them to express themselves as you want!

Revive your characters with Gacha Animator Beta!

Seeing your characters in action, expressing gestures of surprise, blinking, walking, sitting or walking is a truly unforgettable experience, especially if you encourage them!

each animator

Anyone can design a character and apply default animation to it, but if you spend a little more time to create the perfect animation for each, you will feel that each character has a unique personality and you really create a great environment for your character. Gruel collection. Plus, you’ll be able to share them with your friends, display Porridge, and look at your own collections instead!

Online Gacha Animator features

These are the main features of this video game to bring the characters of the Gacha world to life for free.

Special poses. In this program you will be able to create individual poses for each of your Gacha characters. Forget the games where all the characters are the same! Each character must be different and have its own essence, so in this game you will be able to compose your own poses for your characters.

Individual animations. In the same way and otherwise, with this program you will be able to create individual animations for each porridge. Static poses are great and can be a lot of fun, but there’s nothing like seeing your characters live and in motion! Use the potential of this application to give your characters all the flexibility they deserve.

each animator

Creator of the inner character. Although this feature is currently under development, once launched, it will allow you to create your own Gacha characters, not just animate them! Some users complain that the program does not have enough clothes and accessories, but they forget that this is a beta version of the program and will combine all this later.

Export in 4K PNG format. Export your characters in 4K image size to see them in detail on your desktop, smartphone or tablet! Share them on your social networks and let the world know that porridge is the best because no one has as much style as they (or you!). With this new 4K export option, you will be able to fully enjoy creating endless poses for porridge.

Gacha Animator APK Mod Free Download

Download the latest version of Gacha Animator APK Mode. Click on the link to download the Gacha Animator app for Android and start designing the poses and animations you’ve always wanted for your Gachas!

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