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If you have experience playing the best video games for smartphones and love horror or survival games, you will no doubt encounter Freddy games more than once in five nights. These games are among the most popular games for smartphones and even consoles such as PC and PlayStation, and here they are really popular among users.

Download anime 2 for five nights

One of the features that makes FNAF games so popular is that they have a fairly defined game that is very easy to understand and use, and is not common in other video games. In them, you have the role of a security guard who has to look at some animatronics in a family pizzeria. The danger is that this animatronics will become more aggressive later, which will make things even more difficult for you. This is a horror game full of a lot of tension and a lot of fears, but the game we present to you today is completely different.

Download Five Nights in Anime 2 APK for Android

This video game is different from other Five Nights at Freddy games, because it is not actually the official game of this saga. It’s just a game developed by a fan of FNAF games, who decided to use these video games as a reference to create their own game and launch a new game model based on the original idea of ​​FNAF games. reference, but this time contains a different environment based on anime and romantic games.

Five nights anime 2 for android

Is it really possible to combine five nights of romance in Freddy’s games? It seems so! In fact, what this designer is doing is replacing the animatronics in the original games with other anime-based animatronics in the form of attractive and seductive animals. Instead of attacking you, this animatronics just wants to have fun, and your job is to prevent them from doing so … or to join them.

It will be very difficult to resist the party!

The party offered by this animatronics will start relatively quietly at first, but then the temperature will rise because you are more comfortable with this beautiful animatronics. You will soon realize that you no longer want to continue the game in order to prevent them from going to parties, and all you want is to have a good time joining them.

In addition, this game is a continuation of the previous game with the same idea, so if you like its game, you can always take the opportunity to download the original game Five Nights in Anime APK.

Features – Five Nights free game in Anime 2

  • Five Nights based game at Freddy’s. This game is based on the popular FNAF games, so you will get to know many of the characteristic elements of the game, such as the camera room, dimly lit rooms and, of course, animatronics.
  • Developed independently. This is not Freddy’s official game at Five Nights, but a completely independent game developed by third parties.
Five night anime 2 free games
  • is really fun. This game completely leaves the genre of horror and enters the genre of romance, which is very entertaining, and now have a great time with this lovely animatronics.
  • With a very successful prequel. This game is already the second part of the game of the same name, which was a great success on Android, so you can expect more from the things that made the first game so popular: beautiful animatronics, simple gameplay and a lot of fun.

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Enjoy taking care of this anime animatronics who is ready to do anything for a beautiful party!