Download Fight Crab APK for Android

Fight with crab – Cancer battles from Beginners to Win, you have to turn your backs on your opponents to win here. Somewhere on the edge of the universe, the dominant life on the planet refers to cancers, which are armed with numerous objects and organize fierce battles among themselves. Try to dominate the opponent by turning him upside down, after which the opponent will be defeated and the winner will be forced to submit. Improve the dot pot and weapons, make it more perfect, and personalize the hero by changing the color of the shell and adding skills.

You look at the next enemy who is standing in front of you without fear and trying to question the strength and agility of the opponent, but you have at your disposal not only strong claws, but also cold weapons that can seriously damage the hit enemy. Catch the attacker, throw, attack in sensitive areas, but do not forget to defend yourself by putting untouched paws in front of you in case of danger. Defeat your opponents and become a master of battles without rules.