Download Earn to Die 2 1.4.39 APK for Android

Boil to die 2 – a continuation of an interesting mobile application that the user will drive and go through an evil zombie crowd. While working on the application, the authors took into account the mistakes made in the previous section and tried to make the latest version more effective on the screens of mobile devices. Let’s try to analyze the shortcomings together and emphasize the advantages of this unusual project. First of all, it is worth noting the excellent graphic content. The picture was brighter, the details were pleasing to the eye with all sorts of little things, and the animation was made on a first-class level. Here the designers have to put a greasy five. Really great job. The next item is mechanics. It is not an easy task to turn your car into a weapon of mass destruction of living creatures before the player. There are many upgrades to do this: traps, spikes, armor, and all sorts of firearms. These accessories can be purchased during the in-game currency transition.

and the last thing that catches your attention is an extremely interesting story. The story of the protagonist definitely moves you, the dynamics increases with each passing place, the green immortals become more and more, every minute increases the probability of destruction by enemy creatures. Decisions must be made at lightning speed, and can only break the enemy ahead and deprive him of numerical advantage. First-rate innovations make this program a real monster ready to drag the user into the abyss of exciting entertainment.