Download DYSMANTLE v1.0.4.23 APK for Android

DISMANTLE – Excellent RPG in the apocalyptic action version. His world is completely open. You have been in prison for many years. It’s time to get out of the shelter. We have to go to the old open world. This place is inhabited by disgusting and frightening creatures. There is no such person in this world. The world is completely in harmony with nature. But it will soon get worse. We must find a way to escape from the terrible island. But before that, you will have to enjoy the sweet and at the same time bitter apocalypse. You: You will destroy objects using various suitable tools. At the same time, obstacles will not hinder you. Fight scary creatures or avoid them. Explore the world and find the secrets. Survive by constantly clearing the area of ​​numerous monsters. Build outposts to settle in certain areas. Create a variety of weapons, equipment tools, as well as all sorts of little things. Hunting predators. Grow a plant and then reap the fruits of your labor. Solve different puzzles. Catch the insidious underwater inhabitants. Cook according to all kinds of recipes. Unlock the secrets of a mysterious island. of the new island.