Download DIY Keyboard APK for Android

DIY Keyboard – This is a random game from Crazy Labs developed by TabTale, in this game you will become an expert in creating computer keyboards with a unique look. Customize different types of virtual keyboards with keys, use your imagination and creativity, and help customers get the results they want!

Open your own virtual lounge to create a personal computer keyboard and keys that customers will come up with every day with their own ideas and desires. Fulfill individual orders using a variety of techniques, tools, and custom tools. Remove the keys from the keyboard and start the step-by-step transformation process until you are satisfied with the result.

Use different colors of paints, stencils, epoxy resin and dried flowers, colored sprays and many other things to create your works. Polish, paint, add decor and change the look of the keyboard. Receive cash prizes for completed orders, equip your salon and unlock new items for personalization.

Game features:

  • Wide color palette;
  • Large selection of tools and decor;
  • Different types of key creation techniques;
  • Opportunity to show your creative abilities;
  • Colorful visual design.