Download Cuttie Pet Shop APK for Android

Cuttie Pet Shop – This is a random simulator from Yso Corp, where you have to manage your pet store. However, here you will sell not only pet products, but also the animals themselves, which must first be found and sent to your store to find new owners.

What animals will live in your pet store today? To get started, provide them with a suitable shelter, after which you can search. You can not only find a new home for cats and dogs, but also deer, lazy, wolf, fox and so on. You can also catch more rare animals for a pet store such as. Find the animals nearby, catch them, and return to the store to give them shelter until they are picked up by the new owners.

You will be able to earn money by selling the animals you shelter, and this money can then be invested in the development of the store. With each new level, you will discover new species of animals and gradually expand the store and open new outlets for sale. Get faster shoes for your hero, increase your chances and search radius, and save more animals.

Game Features:

  • Different types of animals;
  • Various upgrades for the pet store;
  • Simple game;
  • Low poly graphics;
  • One-touch control.