Download Craft Fun Sword Tree APK for Android

Fun Sword Tree craftsmanship – This is a pixel sandbox simulator where you can explore endless worlds, create different buildings, make things and survive in zombie mode. Play alone or instead with your friends and create your own unique pixel world!

In the game you will find a huge open world where you can freely explore and implement your ideas. In creative mode you can play with completely unlimited resources, build whole cities and villages, create original interiors for houses and castles, create unique playgrounds, gardens and any other buildings. In survival mode, you have to encounter zombies, extract various resources and prepare items.

Create weapons and armor to resist zombies, build defenses and fight zombie waves. Raise unique animals on the farm, go hunting and fishing for food. Build a team with friends and play together in multiplayer mode.

Game features:

  • Two game modes;
  • ability to prepare things;
  • Infinitely open world;
  • Pixel design;
  • Multiplayer mode.