Download Casting Away APK for Android

Casting – A beautiful fishing game where your character survives alone on a desert island. Life has improved, you are a successful person, you are a world-class movie star and you fly to the next shooting location on a private plane, but everything changed in an instant. Your flight was interrupted by lightning, the plane crashed and you found yourself on a wild island not marked on the maps, now the only goal is to survive. After exploring the nearest area, you will find a strange altar with bright talismans made of fish and a magical aura.

After thinking for a while, you decide to use them as bait for fishing and start fishing by preparing different dishes from the available sea ingredients. Help will not come, so equip a new place to live, build a boat to go to sea, there are giant fish, and fence part of the land with material found in the sea, raise chickens and sometimes other animals that swim to you. . Also, start exploring the land, maybe you will be lucky and find chests full of treasures. Immerse yourself in a peaceful atmosphere and enjoy the pleasant visual design and magnificent views of nature.