Dog Whisperer 1.0.5 – Download for Android APK Free

Dog Whisper a A fun obstacle racing game with simple 3D graphics. Here, we will control a skating girl who sets out to save all the lost dogs and find them a permanent home.

Be a fearless dog walker

We only need one finger to perform this titanic task. Progress is automatic in games, so we only need to move the skate to the edges of the lane.

As we move forward, we must Collect a lot of dogs as we can while avoiding obstacles (static and dynamic), cats and bad people. If we fall into one of the traps, we will lose the dog.

Take a break from the daily grind and enjoy a nice walk in the neighborhood with your dogs.

After reaching the finish line, the dogs will be adopted by their people. The more dogs we find homes for, the more money we raise. Money is used unlock new skins for the character and his skates. In addition, when we reach certain levels, we will get dogs of other breeds, such as akita or husky.

Download the APK file to us nice and simple a title that will especially please dog lovers. For cat lovers, maybe not so much.