Dog Sim Online 208 – Download for Android APK Free

How many times have you said this in your later life? you would like to come back as a dog? Thanks to this simulator from Turbo Rocket Games studio, you can try it out now. Download the APK file, choose a gender and have some adventures in the big open world alone or with other players.

Experience the life of a dog in this online RPG adventure.

A very dog-like simulator

Online dog leash is an RPG that we are and should be all kinds of missions level up. In the beginning, our dog will have very little life and very limited energy, so anything can kill us. And this is the true reflection of reality.

As we go on missions like killing rats or finding our house, we will get stronger and earn money. With the money we can afford unlock new breeds of dogsLike a German shepherd, a Shiba inu or a husky.

One of the main attractions of the game is being able to have a family and raise our own children. After creating a character, we can also play in multiplayer mode and interact with other people.

Choose from your favorite dog breeds, explore a huge 3D world and raise a family of puppies.

To play, you move your dog with your left thumb, while with your right thumb you can activate different skills, such as attack, run or jump. The controls are very intuitivebut the movements are not very fluid, especially when we are near the wall.

The 3D graphics are there, although not great very realistic and detailed. All in all, this is a very nice fantasy RPG with a very funny soundtrack that allows us to experience the life of a dog in first person. Also learning first hand the dangers a stray or abandoned dog is exposed to.