Dicedom – Merge Puzzle MOD + APK (2022 Latest)

Dicedom – Merge Puzzle is a puzzle game where you have to combine matching dice to collect many points on your scoreboard. To do this, it is important to pay attention to the dice that appear at the bottom of the screen and be able to match them with others like them.

Dicedom – Graphic elements in Merge Puzzle show in 3D, which makes it easier to see what types of dice are visible. The game is very simple and you only need a few matches to refine your moves. Basically, you have to drag the membrane with one fingertip towards one of the boxes on the board. However, it is important to check which pieces are already in place so that you can fit at least three at a time.

You can see how many points you earned above. This is definitely convenient because you can even measure that you are about to beat your personal best.

With Dicedom – Merge Puzzle, you can entertain yourself with a game that is somewhat reminiscent of Candy Crush. Moreover, this game has some similarities with dominoes, because you have to match the same number of dice.