Dice Merge! Match Dice Puzzle MOD + APK (2022 Latest)

Dice Merger! Match Dice Puzzle 3 is a free, exciting and addictive game designed for dice enthusiasts.

Come and play this simple but at the same time difficult game, well thought out and logical actions are required. You will train your brain by enjoying solving puzzles. Powerful amplifiers can make sure you have more fun in this addictive game. In this world of challenging puzzles, I dream of becoming a master dice player!

How to play:
+ Tap to spin strategically before dragging the dice on the puzzle board.
+ Place the dice on a 5 * 5 block board.
+ Match three or more dice with the same dot or the same number, combining them horizontally, vertically, or both at a higher price.
+ You cannot combine different numbers of dice.
+ Combine custom jewelry dice to get a tornado booster and earn more points.
+ The game will end when there is no room for more dice.

+ Useful amplifiers: Hammer, dust box and tornado
+ Hammer amplifier can be used to destroy or remove any dice on the puzzle board.
+ The dust box amplifier can be used to obtain new dice for rotation and placement on the board.
+ The tornado booster can be used to destroy all the dice in any row on the puzzle board.
+ Fun and addictive
+ Offline available
+ No time limit
+ Score a goal

Drag and drop the dice blocks on the puzzle board and try to adapt. The value of the mold is related to its color. Try to combine the dice to discover them yourself! As your strategy improves, you can gain a variety of boosters that will help you unite and increase your score.