Dentist Bling MOD + APK (2022 Latest)

Dentist Bling is a fun game for players of all ages where you can help patients return to perfect dental health. In this adventure you will become a dentist and use all the tools in your office to help your patients.

Bring the patient back to the treatment room to start playing. Then you can look at their teeth, which can be any problem. Your mission is to solve the dental problems of all your patients and improve their dental health. You may even have toothache in this fun problem.

Slide your finger on the screen to find the problem, remove the caries, pull the teeth, put a filling, or complete any other treatment the patient needs, and then use the right tool to solve it. An excellent feature of Dentist Bling is that when you find any problem, the dentist will automatically pick up any tool you need to solve it. So you need to find the problem to start fixing it.

Not only that, you can expand your dental catalog as you earn money, that is, you help patients who need new teeth. Meet Dentist Bling, help everyone who comes to your office, and solve dozens of dental problems with your patients until their mouths are 100% healthy.