Demon Blade v2.121 MOD APK (Menu/Damage, God Mode) Download


Demon Blade is an action arcade game full of thrilling and engaging sword fights for mobile users. Suddenly, the moon disappeared from the world, evil forces took advantage of this opportunity to invade and kill innocent people. So, you have to prepare weapons and fully equip yourself to fight to destroy against the evil forces out there. Download the app directly to the device to experience the most intense thrills in the survival battle.

Demon Blade - Japanese Action RPG Demon Blade - Japanese Action RPG


Life is going smoothly, suddenly the moon disappears from the world, at that moment demons have invaded everywhere and killed many innocent people. Warriors like you must stand up to fight the demons, destroy them and bring peace to the homeland. When the time comes, it’s time to act, fight and keep everyone around you safe, your friends and loved ones are counting on you. Armed with weapons, armor and many other items to prepare for the next surprise battle, you must first survive the devil to protect someone else. Hardly sharpening a katana iron rod turns it into a sharp, powerful weapon to face the devil and terrify them when they meet you. Hasten to take the corruption of the world, control Satan’s rebellion, and bring peace to honest people.


The Demon Slayer alliance will choose which samurai warrior is the strongest, the legendary, and the most valuable rewards. Whether you go down in history as the strongest samurai warrior in the land or not, prove yourself as the best warrior of all time. Then accompany the warriors together to go through different dungeons on the map, create clans and fight evil in this land. The noble task of the player is to play the character and save the world, destroying all the evil forces trying to invade humanity. The sword in your hand is the holiest of all, it carries great power, so you are not allowed to lose it.

Demon Blade - Japanese Action RPG Demon Blade - Japanese Action RPG

It’s a very perfect RPG type game full of characters and lots of encounters, demon fear and determination against the enemy. Experience the full story on your phone, become an invincible Samurai warrior, destroy all enemies. He constantly upgrades his character and equips the character with necessary accessories such as swords, armor, helmets, and shields.


The illustrations in Demon Blade are quite carefully crafted; the colors are subtle, players can clearly feel the truth of the battle through the clothes as well as the appearance of the character. Many weapons in the game are drawn in detail and sharply; in addition to the image, the sound is well coordinated in the game, which makes the battle even more intense. The background sound of the game is included to make the game more annoying; The sound of each step and dash makes the game more interesting. Download Demon Blade on your phone right away to experience fierce battles and save humanity from the devil. The game will change the boredom after working hours to become more thrilling and exciting. Hopefully, the game will give the players the most satisfaction.