Dead Shell: Roguelike RPG MOD + APK (2022 Latest)

Dead Shell is a roguelike where you play as a mercenary sent from Plutonia, a remote settlement on the planet Doom-4. Your only goal is to figure out what its entire population has become. But it doesn’t take long to discover what’s going on when you start encountering all kinds of monsters and demons.

The maps in Dead Shell are always randomly generated, meaning you’ll never play the same game twice. When you start a level, the game creates a custom setting using all kinds of maps, creatures, and rewards. You never know what you’ll find in the next room.

Combat in Dead Shell is turn-based, as it always is for most traditional roguelikes. You can choose the weapon you want to use in your attack and easily see the damage it will do to your enemy – the damage the enemy can do to you. If your character’s life points drop to zero, you will die and have to start a new game.

Dead Shell is a great roguelike (though more like a “roguelite”), with an approach that clearly pays homage to Doom. It offers stunning retro graphics along with simple, fun gameplay mechanics.