Cyber Dead MOD + APK (2022 Latest)

Cyber ​​Dead is a fun action game that does a pretty good job of combining gameplay with shooter elements from the most classic platform games. This game offers you a wild and challenging cocktail that will delight those who try it.

The basic principle of Cyber ​​​​Dead is very simple. You play as one of the few survivors of a deadly zombie apocalypse, armed to the teeth and with only your charisma for company, you must go out and search for the last safe place on Earth. To do this, you have all kinds of completely interchangeable weapons that will help you destroy even the most persistent zombies.

Cyber ​​Dead is really easy to play. You can move your character by touching the arrows on the left side of the screen, while the buttons on the right side of the screen are for shooting and using your special skills.

Each level you pass will reward you with coins and upgrade materials that you can then use to unlock new survivors to join you on your journey, or upgrades that will be essential to survive the toughest battles.