Cuties v11.7.260 MOD APK (Unlimited Claim of reward ) Download

Open the door to the world Cuties (MOD, Unlimited Rewards) and start solving puzzles, solving new levels, and helping creatures rebuild their homes. Enter the classic puzzle game with new features; you will receive worthy rewards. What does this award help you with? Let’s learn together!


Not just a fun game, Cuties is also the story of the process of rebuilding a rotten and dusty house. It seems that furry creatures have not visited there for a long time. You will help them clean, renovate the house, and then pick them up. But first you need to do a few other things to earn more coins and items. For example, solve a board full of different fruits by playing traditional puzzles, collect them by destroying fruits of the same color, … After solving the puzzles, the team will give a certain amount of bonuses, and you are the most likely. accept them! Use gold for shopping. It’s time to choose the right furniture for your furry home. Fill the house with the things you want. They are very sweet, aren’t they? Let’s take action to help them!

Sweets Sweets


As you can see, there is a lot of snow around, no sign of life, Cuties need to be rescued. Poor look at them; Your task is to help them find a warm and sheltered place to spend the winter. After that, attempts to collect gold. Keep building more houses and help more creatures. They will be happy to see you, and dancing is as they show it. With their clever and cunning nature, they will also help you a lot in the process of collecting gold and precious stones.


There are always puzzles from easy to difficult levels for you to answer. These are part of Cuties’ lives. They always create opportunities for the development of logical thinking and solidarity between individuals. What are they targeting? Let’s go through hundreds of levels to understand. And, of course, new levels will be added regularly. Are you sure you can handle them all? The most important are innovative thinking, agility and early perception. Demonstrate your skills by arranging the same fruits in a row of three or more fruits based on a classic puzzle game. Each level will be a different puzzle. Let’s see the results of eye-popping explosions and the bonus amount after each big explosion!

Sweets Sweets


We hope you have the best experience and get the message that Cuties wants to send. It is currently available on many platforms and devices, and the game will be updated regularly so that customers do not have problems. The process of building and building your furry creatures will be recognized with amazing results. I wish you the best experience when it comes to their world!