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If you don’t know Cuphead, you really should give yourself a chance to discover it and play it once the second part comes out! It is an adventure game with vintage graphics that has been a real sensation since its release thanks to the perfect combination of graphic quality, interesting story and really addictive shoot’em up gameplay. It has received many awards around the world and continues to be one of the most popular apps among fans of adventure and platform games.

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Now, the second part of this game has just been released, which includes many new features, but maintains the formula that made it so successful since its launch in 2017. For example, the retro aesthetic is preserved so that its characters resemble cartoon characters. It’s the 1930s, and in fact the entire story continues to revolve around the animation studios of the era. This journey to the origins of film animation is a true explosion of creativity that has already captivated millions of players around the world and promises to entertain you with its second installment.

Want the Cuphead DLC? – Cuphead The Delicious Last Course APK

Contrary to its name, Cuphead DLC is not an expansion of the original Cuphead game, but an entirely new game. ‘DLC’, in this case, does not mean ‘Downloadable Content’, but ‘The Delicious Last Course’, the title of the second part of this game saga based on the animation studios of the 30s of the last century.

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In addition to introducing the characters you’ve known since the first game and maintaining the retro aesthetic that made Cuphead so popular, the Cuphead DLC offers you a number of new things to play with, including a new character named Mrs. Goblet. This new character not only looks different, but also has different movement and combat abilities, which opens up many new possibilities to win this game.

Historical rankings on all platforms! – Cuphead DLC Full APK

The reception of Cuphead ‘The Delicious Last Course’ in the gaming field has been even better than its first installment, with positive votes approaching 100% on some platforms. Gamer response has been overwhelmingly positive for the new title, which showcases the extraordinary work of one of the most promising video game studios, StudioMDHR.

Cuphead DLC has been released on various platforms and you can also find it for PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch. It’s expected to come to Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 soon, but you won’t need either of those devices to play this game, because starting today you can download it for Android absolutely free!

Features – Cuphead DLC APK Spanish

  • The second part of the famous Cuphead. This game is the second part of the famous Cuphead video game, with which you will be able to explore the incredible adventures of these characters in the world of vintage animation.
  • New levels and characters. In addition to having a whole new set of levels, the Cuphead DLC also brings new enemies and a new character to control during gameplay.
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  • Vintage graphics. The vintage aesthetic that made Cuphead such an incredibly popular game since its release 5 years ago has been preserved, and the gameplay has been expanded since the first game.
  • excellent ratings. Player reception has been incredibly positive, and in fact on some platforms it has surpassed the excellent ratings achieved by the first installment.

Cuphead DLC APK Free Download Latest Version for Android

Have fun with this second part of the popular game Cuphead and discover new adventures of your favorite character thanks to this new title in the saga!

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