Crusaders Quest 6.4.0.KG – Download for Android APK Free

If you’ve ever been crazy about 16-bit video game consoles, you’ll love this great title from NGN Corp. By downloading the APK file, we will be immersed in the world of medieval fantasy in 2D and pixel art aesthetics. excellent character design.

Epic battles in pixel art format

Crusaders Quest is a retro-style RPG where We will have to gather a team of heroes to find out who is hiding behind the ruins that destroyed the Hasla kingdom. The most interesting thing is that we will be able to call two hundred characters from six different classes as warriors, magicians or hunters.

Defeat the waves of monsters, save the goddess, and discover who is to blame for so much destruction.

One of the most entertaining aspects of this game is the combat system. And that’s why developers are looking for revenue to offer us some pretty new battles in real timee. As the battle continues, we will get skills and battle cards. We will have to touch them to activate their powers and combinations. And we can also activate the power of the goddess.

This is also a wonderful story, we will meet here very nice characters. And all this while enjoying some charming graphics with a dazzling fantasy character design with 16-bit aesthetics and image quality.

Throughout the game, we will go through many scenarios, prepare recipes in the bakery, raise our heroes and even improve them. And we will even succeed Take part in PvP battles. Come on, this role-playing game is really nice, especially if we are nostalgic.