Crab War v3.44.1 MOD APK (Infinite Pearls) Download for Android

Combat games are very familiar to players when there are many such games on the market. Battle games between humans and humans or monsters, there are many games on the market for players to experience. But if the player wants something strange, the game Crab war is a game that brings. It is no longer a typical battle, this time the players will witness sea creatures and especially crabs. Exciting battles await the player that no game can bring to the player.

Crab War (MOD, Infinite Pearls)

Empty Swarm Evolution

Long ago, crustaceans were terrestrial animals and lived there peacefully for generations. But one day a new creature came and attacked the cancer to steal this land. They eat the flesh of the crayfish and cause the crabs to go underground to find new life. But over time, cancer has absorbed radioactive power from the magic crystal. This crystal gives the cancers new powers to fight those reptiles and regain what once belonged to them.

The game is simple, but addictive

Unlike other games, players must control their characters to fight; In this game, players only need to touch the screen. The only thing a player has to do is touch the screen to summon crabs to attack the enemy. The faster you hit, the more cancers will attack and destroy the enemy quickly. The player’s enemy will appear non-stop and the player will have to constantly touch to attack the enemy, and the game will end only when the player leaves the game.

Crab War (MOD, Infinite Pearls)

Strengthen and unlock new cancers

The more stages you go through, the more power the reptiles will have, and the easier it will be to eat the cancer warriors that the player summons. Thus, players must improve their crab strength in order to destroy the enemy. Also, when the player reaches a certain level, new cancers will open and they will have a higher power.