Colors Runners! 2.0 – Download for Android APK Free

Runners of colors! is one obstacle course game with minimalist 3D graphics that reflect a different mix of different elements and offer an original proposition. The goal is to get the little men’s team to the finish line, and you need the strength of reflexes and facial expressions.

Full color minimalist movement

The dynamics are quite accessible: the characters start the game works automatically. As always in the headlines of this genre, your role involves moving little men from one side of the lane to the other to avoid obstacles and pick up other characters of the same color.

But the main feature of this title is that colors play an important role. As the little men run, they pass through doors of different colors that color their bodies. This color indicates the area where they can hide from cars trying to kill them, as they can camouflage and get out of sight.

Hide your characters from the killer drone!

And that’s not all. When you reach your goal, you should try to have the largest group possible, because it is waiting there an army that will meet you. The team with the most members will win the battle.

Therefore, downloading the APK file gives an interesting title brings something different to the table in a very saturated genre. There is nothing to write about this game, but it is interesting and entertaining.