Claw Builder 2.0.2 – Download for Android APK Free

Claw Builder one original casual game with minimalistic 3D graphics. Here, Tastypill studio gives us a clawed drone or a hook used to pick up objects and things. The goal is to solve the problem of each level with the help of the claw.

A great paw

Controlling the drone is so easy that we only need one finger. In addition to, the action is surprisingly fluidbecause it responds very well to touch.

To play we just have to move the drone the position of the object, touch the screen to attract the item and lift our fingers when we want to release the object. This last part is the easiest, as you basically have to throw the object at the target area for it to fall into place automatically.

Grabbing objects with a claw has never been so satisfying!

The result is quite realistic thanks to the physics system. Even when the controls are well mastered, it can be satisfying. On the other hand, the APK file download has thousands of different levels, so we will have fun for a while.