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Clash of Clans is a popular strategy game with the largest number of players in the world today due to its content, attractiveness and entertainment that stems from the style of play. Best of all, in addition to the main missions that make each player’s progress different and rich, there are always many separate activities or tasks for players to accomplish. Players can also invite friends and create the strongest clans to capture rich resources.


Every player who comes to Clash of Clans must build their kingdom to build a prominent reputation in the vast land. Although the process of building a kingdom is difficult, it is fun, because the plan of each building can reveal the subtle tactical skills of the player. Although the game limits the capabilities of the buildings, with solid defense the player can defend against any attack of the enemy.

In addition to defending the throne, players must accumulate a large amount of resources produced over time and even form many new military units. The kingdom has a very important role to play, as the variety of buildings will give players a big step forward in building the strongest armies. In addition, players can join large clans and thus build the strongest defensive line from the best players.


The research system in the game is very important because it opens up new content or mechanisms for players to increase the combat performance of the whole kingdom. New content in the research system always contributes greatly to the development of the player, and even diversifies the whole army with many interesting things. However, the player must continuously improve all the necessary buildings to meet certain conditions for research.

In the future, players will have to rely on a research system to reach higher realms to attack other kingdoms. However, the special currency for research comes only from conquering other kingdoms, so the player must actively train each soldier or learn new tactics. The game will sometimes introduce new combat units that players can only unlock through an internal research system.


Clash of Clans’ army-building mechanics are a hallmark of the entire game and are an effective way to judge a player’s tactical skills. The variety of units and their number will make the staff or army more lively and realistic; even their functions and performance are different. Thanks to the variety of combat units, players will always have new ideas to develop effective tactics.

In addition to the variety of units, the combat system is also simple and convenient when the player has to throw each unit to the desired position. However, they must adjust the speed of each unit to increase the performance of each form or strategy. That is why the game becomes more interesting when the method of deployment of the army has a great impact on the winning ratio when the player invades other countries.


Clans are places where players can get together with their friends and perform various activities specific to the clan system. These activities are challenging and require many players, but their rewards are generous and attractive, giving players a big boost as they grow their army. In addition, wars between clans are the most violent, and only the most developed kingdoms can participate.

The rewards for tribal wars are great, they make a great contribution to each advancement, and they have more incentives for each member. In addition, it was difficult for the leading players to conquer the kingdoms, and much success was required, as the units automatically fought within a solid defense system. Thanks to inter-clan wars, this game always flourishes and flourishes every day when there are countless wars.


In addition to exciting game mechanics, Clash of Clans has countless fun and creative activities to entertain players. Their rewards are also generous and exceptional, and even the highest level players cannot resist the highest value in the reward system. In addition, the events are also a great opportunity to introduce players to a lot of new content, including new combat units or the defense of the kingdom.

The excitement and hustle and bustle of Clash of Clans never goes out, as players will always have new ideas to build a kingdom or an army. Its events or additions are also full of depth and potential for players to explore and entertain. First of all, wars between clans are always decisive and violent, demonstrating people’s solidarity against all enemies or greed for lucrative goals and rewards.