City of God APK for Android

Land of Legends: Divine Settlement is a colorful simulator where you have to build your farm, explore new lands and immerse yourself in the world of ancient Greek mythology. This world is inhabited by various creatures, from real gods to cyclops, and you can not only meet them, but also learn many secrets hidden on this mystical island. Welcome to a magical flying island that will open up to you the world of ancient Greek myths with Olympian gods, ancient art, temples and mystical objects. Together with the main characters of the story, the adventurers Sofia and Jack, you will explore the still unexplored lands of the island, where you will be able to build your own town with a real farm, pets and rich crops. Build and restore an ancient city, discover new lands and flying islands, and watch history unfold. Plant a variety of vegetables, fruit trees and grains, harvest crops and take care of pets on the farm. Meet the inhabitants of the island, among them you can meet and befriend a fairy, meet cyclops and even learn a detailed history of the Olympian gods.

Features of the game:

  • Various incredible creatures;
  • The plot is based on ancient Greek myths;
  • A flying island to explore;
  • Own farm with plants and domestic animals;
  • Interesting tasks, mysteries and adventures.