Chapter 2 APK for Android

Escape from the Blue Monster: Chapter 2 – This is the second part of the adventure horror with elements of riddles inspired by the popular game Poppy Playtime. In the process, you will encounter new challenges in survival mode and even more gloomy and scary characters in the infamous abandoned toy factory.

Again, you’ll find yourself locked up in an abandoned toy factory, where there are still many unexplored places you have to go through to get out. You will now be hunted by the ever-growing inhabitants of the growing factory, including the Pinkie monster, long-legged mothers, long-legged fathers, and other monsters you must flee to.

Your main task is to find a way out of the factory, for which you will have to solve various puzzles and move constantly without being noticed. Use the box and use two mechanical arms to push the monsters and reach the objects. The game has a first-person look and a classic game in survival mode, and new heroes and puzzles will give you an interesting game for many hours.

Game features:

  • New monsters and heroes of Poppy Playtime;
  • First person view;
  • Dozens of interesting puzzles;
  • A great map to explore;
  • Powerful game.