Cat Spa v2.15.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds, Churu, Apple) Download for Android

If you are looking for a simple and enjoyable game with funny gameplay, Cat Spa is a great choice. This is a cute kite flying simulation game developed by HyperBeard. In this game, you will meet many cat fairies and lovely customers in your little house. You will manage cute cats and customers and this game will have a relaxing time with those cats in the massage room, nail polish and body care.
Cat Spa


Cat Spa is a cute animal management simulation game that lets you enjoy the game and keep your eyes on this exciting game. Cute cats will help you relieve fatigue and anxiety at the most official cat massage and spa in town. You are the owner of a spa salon and you hire many cat fairies to work as your staff to take care of your lovely animal clients. After playing this game for a long time and improving, you will unlock beautiful items and items to decorate the spa salon space to make it more spectacular. To attract more guests, you can decorate the main spa room, a salon for employees to relax and restore health, and even a barber shop for your favorite guests.
Cat Spa


Cat Spa has a simple game that anyone can easily play and manage. Players will take on the role of a manager of a large spa shop to fulfill their beauty needs in the lovely animal kingdom. You need to build and grow your spa shop to become more modern and expand your business. You will have to start the game by finding customers, hiring employees and asking them to take care of the customers. Each customer will pay your shop after finishing the treatment or beauty process, the money in this game is fruit or the customer can also donate points to your shop.
Cat Spa


The Cat Spa has a variety of beauty treatments and procedures to aid in the relaxation process of lovely guests. Players can use bonuses or experience points paid by customers to unlock new therapies and new devices to meet customer needs. Some of the most commonly used treatments and beauty treatments in your store include ice packs, herbal treatments, essential oils, guest massages, and more. includes.


To be able to serve your customers in the best and most efficient way at Cat Spa, you need to hire employees who are lovable cats. Each cat has unique abilities that are suitable for different treatments, so the player must assign workers to each position accordingly. When a customer arrives at your store, simply click on them to have your staff come in and treat them. The lovable cat crew are just like people; if you work too hard, they will also get tired, so you need to rest them or use bonus cards to help them recover.
Cat Spa
This is an exciting game that will definitely give the players a lot of fun. Players will experience as a spa shop manager with treatments, relaxation and beauty treatments for their beloved animals. Download and try this fun and interesting game.