Castle Clash MOD APK v3.1.8 –

Gamota and IGG co-released Castle Clash

★★★ Opening of a new era of Castle Clash, a journey to fight the world server ★★★

Castle Clash enters a new era! Global leaders gather in Narcissus for glory! The strong will survive. Who will win in the end?

Compete in tactics with world leaders on the great battlefields of history. Fight shoulder to shoulder with your allies or conquer the chaos of war!

Castle Clash mobile online game combines fast combat style and transformation strategy! Summon superheroes, command legendary generals, search for resources, improve evolution, and attack the siege. Build an empire and open the era of eternal war!

Key features:
✔ Develop and personalize different base systems
✔ Skin properties increase strength and strengthen skin!
✔ Simple operation, extremely fast combat, optimal experience effects
✔ Fight with a team of superheroes and legendary heroes.
✔ Meet the summit in the arena.
★ Strengthen the equipment and support system on all fronts.
★ Enhances fighting power with Hero and Home Skin effects.
★ Get unique resources in Firefighting, Hate Tower and League of Legends.
★ Join friends to challenge multiple levels.
★ Gather all the server forces to destroy the Demon King.
★ Train your Super Beast team to fight.
★ Attacking the Master Citadel gets a Super Hero.

Note: The game requires an internet connection.