Car Eats Car 3 3.2

Looking for a different car game? well, Car Eats Car 3 It couldn’t be more different for Android. In this game you will find humanized vehicles with a radical touch, ready to fight the police and other mechanical organs to release their liberties and colleagues from prison.

This is an arcade-style racing game from developers who are constantly improving and introducing new features to keep players entertained and entertained behind the wheel. For now, these are the features you will enjoy when you download Car Eats Car APK.

A colorful 2-D racing game with radically “different” vehicles.

Main features

  • Players can compete in furious car races against civilian and police vehicles.
  • They can also unlock all kinds of vehicles and even drones.
  • The game includes a system of daily bonuses.
  • Players can advance in races and unlock new locations such as Winter or Mystic World.
  • Players can do with your earnings in competitions upgrade the body, turbo and speed of their angry cars.